Content Marketing: New Form of Marketing

Content marketing

Content Marketing: New Form of Marketing

In the past, marketing consisted of costly, large-scale advertising campaigns. The aim was to reach as many potential customers as possible through print and broadcast media. Most companies also devoted a small percentage of their advertising budget to establishing a direct link with customers through home-delivered leaflets and seasonal catalogs. These means offered the hope of attracting new customers. But above all, they enabled us to maintain a more direct link with existing customers, informing them of sales promotions or new products, and strengthening their brand loyalty.

Today, the internet is our window to the world. Business websites are our shopping centers. This has been even more true during the COVID pandemic. The challenge in this new reality is to stand apart from the myriad of business websites that are in competition with each other. As mentioned in an earlier article, excellent SEO (Search Engine Optimization) positioning is crucial, but another key component to rising above the competition is to make the most of content marketing.


What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is essentially anything that is displayed on your website, including blogs, newsletters, videos, etc. The website has replaced the physical act of shopping in a store. And the content has replaced flyers and catalogues as well as added a new component to advertising.


Is Content Marketing Effective?

One of the limitations of flyers and seasonal catalogues was that they were punctual. On one hand, receiving the latest catalogue was somewhat of an exciting, long-awaited event. It had a certain charm. On the other hand, during the time that elapsed between the issuance of seasonal catalogues, the client was basically out of the loop. Content marketing can generate regular visits by loyal clients to your site because it can offer something new with every visit. The content on your site is not limited to current sales promotions or new product offerings. It can also serve to educate the client about industry trends. Or share ideas for applications of your given products, like recipes, projects, etc. The content may also simply be entertaining.


What about New Clients?

The variety of content on your site can make of it an information or reference stop for people conducting a search for a particular service or product about which they may not be familiar. These people are seeking clarification and guidance and may land on your site at this early stage of their search. If your site provides clear, user-friendly, and unbiased information that serves to educate and focus the searcher, they are highly likely to return to your site. It has been shown that people who consult a site for information and find the help they need, quickly develop trust in its expertise and transparency. As a result, they most often return to make their final purchase there.



The Key to Making it Work

One of the main ingredients of successful content marketing is excellent copywriting. But there’s more to it than that. Far from it!
A professional content writer will be able to make content attractive, informative, and enjoyable to read. They master the different writing styles needed to effectively address your target audience. Readers need to feel they’re being addressed in their own words to feel engaged by the content. A text that resonates with the reader will create a sense of belonging and the desire to be part of your community. The content writer will also take care to include relevant keywords that will enhance your website’s SEO. That’s how they’ll ensure your site’s advantageous positioning on search engines.

As simple as it may sound, it’s actually a real challenge to achieve in a text of limited length without it seeming forced. But when all the ingredients come together, your content can generate tremendous online visibility and have a real impact on your business.



If you feel that you are not getting the most out of content marketing on your business website, investing in the services of a professional content writer will allow you to open your business to a much wider client base.
Website content, blog posts, newsletters and white papers are all ways of sharing your expertise. Not only do they keep you in touch with your customers, but they also contribute to your website’s SEO.
A content writer will know how to promote your products and services. And he knows how to make your business stand out from the crowd. Calling on professionals is often the best way to save time and money for optimal results.


Need help with effective content marketing? Book a meeting with us today to discuss your needs.



Writer: David Paupelain

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